Episode 10 - Suicide Silence artist spotlight

March 11, 2017

Our next artist spotlight featuring SUICIDE SILENCE including our new interview with Eddie Hermida conducted March 8, 2017.   Having the first week sales numbers of their latest album show that under 5000 copies were sold Eddie speaks candidly about his thoughts on the apparent fan backlash against the band's use of clean vocals.


Eddie Hermida station ID

“Hold Me Up Hold Me Down”

Eddie Hermida from Mayhem Festival 2014 discussing the video for “You Can’t Stop Me”

“You Can’t Stop Me”

Mark Heylmun from June 2014 discussing the first single from "You Can't Stop Me" - “Cease to Exist”

“Cease to Exist”

Chris Garza from the Fall of 2016 talking about his strong feelings on the band's new album (self-titled releasing Feb 24, 2017)

“Don’t Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself”

Premiere of our brand new interview with Eddie Hermida


Pantera - “Primal Concrete Sledge”


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