Episode 14 - Chuck Billy interview

March 24, 2017

In this episode we premiered our interview with Testament vocalist Chuck Billy discussing the upcoming tour with Sepultura and Prong.  Of course we also touched on "Brotherhood of the Snake" and "Dublin Death Patrol"


Body Count – "Black Hoodie"

Prong – "Ultimate Authority"    

Testament – "The Pale King"

Rammstein – "Engel"

Damageplan – "Fuck You"     

John 5 – "Here’s  to the Crazy Ones"

Clutch – "Earth Rocker"                 

Candiria – "The Whole World Will Burn"

After The Burial – "Lost in the Static"

Emmure – "Torch" 

Dublin Death Patrol – "Iron Fist"

Pantera – "Primal Concrete Sledge"

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